Tamil Nadu – TNVAT – e-C Tax Project – wef 29 Jan 2016

The e-C Tax Project has been rolled out by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 29/01/2016

The following guidelines are issued to the dealers for smooth transition from old system (www.tnvat.gov.in) to new system ( https://ctd.tn.gov.in )

1. Dealer Registration / Modification to Registration shall be done only through new Portal e-C Tax (https://ctd.tn.gov.in ).

2. All the existing dealers and new dealers coming for any e-services / registration shall signup in the new system with the individual mobile number and e-mail id. The mobile number and e-mail id shall be unique to the system.

3. Dealers who have not provided their valid PAN shall update their valid PAN in the new system.

4. Dealers will receive SMS / e-mail notification and can track the status.

5. No cheque / cash payment shall be accepted at Assessment Circles for all remittances including Registration Fees

6. Facility for filing of returns using Digital Signature has been introduced. No need for filing of Hard Copy in the Assessment Circle if Digital Signatures are used for filing of returns.

7. Monthly Returns under VAT Act, CST Act, Entertainment Tax Act and Tamil Nadu Tax on Entry of Motor Vehicles Act from the month of March 2016 (February 2016 returns) shall be filed along with payment in the new portal ( https://ctd.tn.gov.in ).

8. Filing of monthly returns along with payment and online generation of C & F forms can be done in the old portal (www.tnvat.gov.in) only upto the month of January 2016 returns.

9. From 1st March 2016, e-Transit pass (Form LL) shall be generated from the new system.

10. Online generation of Form JJ / MM / KK has been introduced for movement of goods in the new portal.

11. Generation of TDN by contractees and online TDS payment has been introduced. From 1st March 2016 manual TDS payment shall be made only in the new system.

12. All the registered VAT Practitioners / Chartered Accountants are requested to signup in the new system to get them authorized to do certain activities.

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