Should we consult an accounting firm when starting a new business?

In a country like INDIA with vast diversity and numerous states having a number of laws & regulations, it is essential that you contact an accounting firm to discuss a number of issues relating to operations and compliances.

What will CARVALHO ASSOCIATES cost me?

We provide our clients with an estimate of the cost of our services prior to engagement. Our fees are highly competitive.

How can CARVALHO ASSOCIATES help the client as a business advisor?

We can help –

  • Set up accounting systems, internal controls and policies
  • Advise on labor and tax laws
  • Comply with general and specific laws
  • Analyse operating results
  • Provide integrated MIS reports
  • Provide management consulting services
  • Develop budgets and business plans and forecasts
  • Develop tax strategies
  • Minimize tax liability
  • Audit, review, or compile financial statements

How do we benefit from the relationship with CARVALHO ASSOCIATES?

For our relationship to be long lasting for you, you need to:

  • Be clear and candid about what you expect from our services
  • Be open to new ideas, tools, and opportunities

What are the registrations / licenses to be obtained for starting a business?

Find below some of the registrations:


  • Income Tax – Permanent Account Number (M)
  • Income Tax – Tax Deduction Account Number (M)

Subject to conditions

  • Service Tax
  • Import Export Code
  • Tax Identification Number / Central Sales Tax
  • Excise – Manufacturing
  • Excise – Trading
  • Employees Provident Fund
  • Employees State Insurance

How long does it take to incorporate a company?

With the introduction of e-governance at Ministry of Corporate Affairs, a company could be incorporated within a maximum timeframe of seven days.

Which kinds of business organization or business entity will limit my liability to business creditors?

Private limited companies, public limited companies and limited liability partnerships are the three most common business entities that limit liability. General partnerships and sole proprietorships don’t limit owners’ liability.
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