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Center of Excellence in Accounting and Compliance (CEAC)


ceacSince 1991, India has opened up its market to the global economy. There is rapid foreign direct investment into India from all parts of the world. With the emergence of corporate governance throughout the world, there is a need for accurate and timely financial reporting. Also, in a country like India with numerous Central and State laws & regulations, investors need clarity on a number of issues relating to compliance.

About CEAC

In view of the above need, we have positioned ourselves to provide you guidance on every aspect of accounting and compliance with emphasis on sound conceptual thinking and objectivity. We provide an independent and objective opinion for practical solutions in financial reporting and compliance management by undertaking in depth research and identifying best practices on relevant issues.

Areas of Research

  • Financial Reporting
  • Labour and Tax Laws
  • Central & State Sales Tax Law
  • Foreign Direct Investment Policy
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • FEMA Regulations / RBI Guidelines
  • Indian Accounting Standards / IFRS
  • Customs, Excise and Service Tax Laws
  • Transfer Pricing – Tax and Customs Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Emergence of the Goods & Service Tax Law
  • Cost Accounting Records & Audit

What we provide

Academic Literature Series

We provide readers with a review of legislations, their impact on business and ideas to deal with them.

CEAC Comments

We may publish a brief comment on relevant issues in accounting and compliance management. You may write to us at on issues pertaining to above areas and we shall be glad to look into it and provide our feedback.

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